Antibody Test

About Antibody tests

Antibody tests are blood tests which can assess if you developed an immune response through previous exposure to the virus. The test used by our partner laboratory has a specificity of 100% and sensitivity of 97.5%. This test is approved for use in the NHS by Public Health England.

When should I take the test?

Tests should be taken at least 14 days after either exposure to the virus or onset of your symptoms. If taken too soon, your body may not have had time to make antibodies against the virus.

How do we take your sample?

An Avante Health Clinician will perform a blood test. They will usually do so at your home or chosen location as long as this is within our catchment area.

What happens to my sample and when does my result come?

Once taken, the sample is sent off to our partner laboratory by courier service at around 4pm each day. Once the laboratory has received and booked the sample, the result takes 24-48 hours.

How do I book a test?

Simply book a test online, call us or fill out our form below. If you are outside our catchment area, contact us directly for a quote. We aim to respond to all queries within 2-4 hours. Antibody tests are available for £150.